Free Gift: Dark glassy eyes

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100% original texture!

Twitterで #SL活性化活動 というタグへの投稿が盛んになっています。
そこで、SLの隅っこの方で細々とですが土地を持ちお店を作ってる私が今できることを、ということで比較的使いやすいと思われる目を作りました。システムレイヤーだけなのでクラシックアバター(メッシュのない初期アバター)でもBake on Mesh対応の頭でも使えます。
There has been a lot of posting from Japanese on Twitter to the tag #SL活性化活動.
When Japanese people come to SL for the first time, many of them may stumble at the first stage.
They come in dreaming of a beautiful avatar, but...
I understand that L$ is cheap, but to suddenly charge for it...
I understand, because I was the same way. Back then, the quality of avatars was not as high as it is now, but I remember fondly that I was saved by free products....

So, as I'm running a store in a corner of SL with a small piece of land, I wanted to do what I can do now, so I created an eye that I think is relatively easy to use. It's a free gift.
It's only a system layer, so it can be used for both classic avatars (initial avatars w/o mesh) and Bake on Mesh compatible heads.
I hope you like it♪


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