Now, July 11th in Japan, today's my birthday in RL.
So, I put two new Group Gifts in
my store as a thank you for all your help.
I hope you like them. 

*This tattoo base color is "white". So if the your body has a tint system, you can change the tattoo color.

*This tattoo base color is "pink". But you can mix colors with tint to get other colors.

I’m always grateful for your help. Lots of love to the group members from me ♥

2020.7.11 Rοsé ღ ロゼ

Happy birthday to Me ;)

From the new item "Gloomy Eyes", the Sky and Forest color sets are now available in Lucky board for group members!
*Need Group

Lucky board: Gloomy eyes // Sky&Forest

This is a new eyes. 100% original mesh & texture.
BoM ready. You can convert to BoM with Omega applier.
(Please purchase the corresponding relay HUD separately from Omega Systems.)

hmmm, teary-eyed? glitter? It’s like that.
It's a cutie, but natural eyes, so it can be used by men and women.

.:.H/D.:. Gloomy eyes // FATPACK [20GBE1] // L$275-
All 5colors + MILK

.:.Honey Dragon.:. Gloomy eyes // ALMOND .:.Honey Dragon.:. Gloomy eyes // COFFEE .:.Honey Dragon.:. Gloomy eyes // HAZEL
.:.Honey Dragon.:. Gloomy eyes // GRAPE .:.Honey Dragon.:. Gloomy eyes // PEACH

ALMOND [20GBE2] // L$55-

COFFEE [20GBE3] // L$55-

HAZEL [20GBE4] // L$55-

GRAPE [20GBE5] // L$55-

PEACH [20GBE6] // L$55-

*MILK is included only in FATPACK.

Gloomy eyes

Bunny radio for Group members color!!! [limited time]
It's watermelon 🍉 ;P

.:.H/D.:. Bunny radio // WATERMELON [20GHG5] // L$30-
The sale will last until the end of July. There will be no sales after that date.
Don't miss it ♥

*With tail ver is LI2, without tail ver is LI1.

Bunny radio // Watermelon

It's a cute radio with bunny ears and a tail.

.:.H/D.:. Bunny radio // FATPACK [20GHG1] // L$1125-
All 15 colors + red.

CuTie color // L$375-
5 colors = Powder pink, Ice, Mint, Yellow, White

ViVid color // L$375-
5 colors = Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue, Green

Steampunk color // L$375-
5 colors = Mauve, Navy, Moss, Bronze, Black

*Red is included only in FATPACK.
*You can hide the bunny ears and tail.
*With tail ver is LI2, without tail ver is LI1.

Bunny radio

We have set a new Newbie gift.
Set of mesh head, body  and system layer skin, eyes.
Available within 60 days of being born in SecondLife.
*Outfit and hair is not included.
*Need Group

NewbieGift: Avatar set