Event: Kiyomizu LB Bon-Odori fes 2022

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[This event is over - not available]
Honey Dragon joining in the Noryo LB Bon-Odori fes 2022 right now!
4 prizes will be switched.

About LB Bon-Odori Festival (How to get LB prizes)
LB Bon Odori can only be won prizes by dancing the Bon Dance. LB prizes can be earned by touching the LB when the first letter of the account name matches the letter of the LB, after the 2-min countdown under the feet reaches 0.
You must keep dancing to get it.
(if you get up and sit down again, the countdown will start from the beginning.)

This dance is called "Bon Odori". Everyone goes around a symbol called a "yagura" while dancing a dance called Bon Odori. This event is inspired by the Japanese summer festival.

What Bon Odori?
Bon Odori (Bon Dance) is an event to offer offerings to the spirits of ancestors during the Bon festival in Japan.
There are two types of Bon Odori: the type in which everyone participates and the type in which a representative dances on a platform for show. In other words, the LB Bon Dance Festival is a type of Bon dance in which everyone participates.
Bon is a series of events held in summer in Japan to honor the spirits of ancestors. It is a fusion of the ancient Japanese belief in ancestral spirits and Buddhism.

Period: August 6, 2022 12:00 to August 21, 22:00 /JST
(August 5, 2022 20:00 to August 21, 6:00 /PDT)

 (This event is over - not available)

Kiyomizu Noryo LB Bon-odori

Please come and join us if you like🎶


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